Fall Colors

Enlil’s garden is awash in fall colors, with hints of the winter to come. The willows that I visited in early summer are beginning to turn golden yellow. Soon the leaves will cover the ground and the trees will go dormant, sleeping and perhaps dreaming of springtime. The willows provided inspiration for my novel, Inanna’sContinue reading “Fall Colors”

Inanna’s Willow

In Inanna’s Bargain, I explored the idea of multiple (fictitious) versions of ancient Mesopotamian myths, passed down and shared through oral traditions. With so many stories circulating, how did people know what to believe? “There are many legends about the tree of life, as well as other trees favored by the gods,” Beluga stated. “InContinue reading “Inanna’s Willow”

Celebrating Spring

With the recent warm weather, I’ve developed a touch of ‘spring fever’. I find myself stepping outdoors at odd times of the day, clipping dead branches in my garden, taking walks around my neighborhood, and thinking about the turn of seasons. After a winter of harsh snows, and a year of pandemic restrictions, I’m particularlyContinue reading “Celebrating Spring”