Spinning Paths

steel wool spinning

As the earth spins around the sun, we move within a universe filled with order as well as chaos. Our destinies are shaped by our actions and interactions, and by the unpredictable twists and turns of chance. When Covid struck, the world went on pause, then everything seemed to speed up and go crazy. Sometimes we feel caught in the spin, buffeted by the storm of events, and overwhelmed by the swirling turmoil. Holding steady in the turbulence, we reflect on our dreams and aspirations, creatively envisioning our futures. We affirm our goals, or perhaps we adjust our plans, seizing new opportunities. Then we continue moving forward, accelerating momentum, forging our own spinning paths.

Image: Steel wool spinning by Rene Kisselbach, La Perouse, Sidney, Australia, 2017. Photo by Paul Carmona via Unsplash.

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