How did ancient Sumerians and Akkadians make sense of the incredible stories circulating about their gods, heroes, and rulers? How did they distinguish between truth and fiction? These questions inspired first-time novelist Claire Sulos in her new series of historical fantasy fiction books set in ancient Mesopotamia. With a mysterious plot involving stolen ceremonial art, and intriguing characters who challenge gender stereotypes, the trilogy offers an exciting escape into an imagined historical world, while engaging with philosophical issues relevant in our ‘post-truth’ era. INANNA’S BARGAIN, the first book of the series, will be published November 21, 2020. For a summary and an excerpt, visit

This is my first blog announcing the promotion of my new book. In future blogs, I will write about various themes featured in the trilogy, offering brief excerpts, commentary, educational resources, and artistic images. Thanks for following me.

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